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Potential of Piston Broke


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I know the likely hood be being pi$$ed and broke (very high for those on here 😬 I mean the other piston broke. Can anyone advise what the likely hood is of breaking/wearing out rings/pistons eitther single or a set when used in a Se7en for road and light race use.


Why I ask is in my garage I've found a set of 4 brand new 'Accralite' forged pistons, (still boxed) complete with rings and clips for a Vauxhall 20 XE engine (2.0L 16v) with 87.0mm bore, 11.6:1 compression ratio (but can be machined on the crown to bring them down to a flat top at 11:1

Accralite have advised these are also know as the 'race top piston' and are £517 inc VAT for a set of 4.


If the likelyhood of me breaking my pistons is remote, then I'm sure they're worth more to someone who needs them than sitting in my garage waiting for me to break mine. If i do sell, an ad will go in the For Sale section.



Andy *cool*





road legal 2.0 VX race car 😬

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