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NTL Fundraising Opportunity-Suggestions Wanted

Ken Y

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I have been approached today by book/film publishers related to the "Calendar Girls" (of film/book/calendar reknown), who want to take a book cover photo of the original group on my staircase! (I live locally to where it all kicked off). The book is in aid of Leukemia Research.


This got me thinking- they are still active fundraisers for Leukemia Research, and it occured to me that this might represent an opportunity to collar them to participate in some kind of joint NTL fundraising stunt along with L7OC. In case anyone is wondering- its all clothes on these days, but I could envisage something along the lines of sponsored "Calendar Girls On Track" event or similar, with associated media coverage. Maybe a TV programme based on two diferent organisatiosn with a common commitment to this cause, or something similar?


Interested to hear any suggestions for a joint stunt/initiative that might capture their imagination and make some cash, and if any good suggestions, will need some volunteers to participate.


Likely venue, North Yorks/Dales.


All suggestions welcome!


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