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Brand New 2.3 Duratec Engine

Purple Ronnie

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Here Crooky, you're undercutting me! 😬


This is a standard 2.3, no ancillaries, brand new, supplied by me. Can be fitted as is with throttle bodies. Should be knocking on the door of 200 bhp with no internal mods.


Somebody buy it. It is a steal at this price. Might even buy it back myself!


Sorry you are selling. What's the new plan?




Yes it will mount to a six speed box with the correct bellhousing. I would question if a six speeder is actually neccessary. You will be changing gear all the time. Five speed probably better. You will need lots of bits to make it fit. Should be able to do the conversion with a stock engine for around 5/6K. Be aware that the exhaust is on the "wrong" side (I tell everybody it is on the right side, as you sit in the car). If you are fussy you will have to re-skin and re-paint. Not a cheap conversion but a worthwhile one.




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