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Happy 4th July to Steve

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Happy Independence Day Steve-B...


hope you enjoy it and have a couple of pints of that most american of beers, Miller LIght... to celeberate! 😬 😬


ps always wondered... The US celebrates the Brits arriving on Thanks Giving, and then kicking us out on Independence day... were we really that horrible to you (don't answer that!! 😬)



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thanks y'all....went to a US base last night in the UK with a british wife to eat american food & drink australian beer whilst british band known as Blues Brothers 2000 played... *thumbup*


oh, and LOTS OF EXPLOSIVES used about dark thirty *wink*


the number of paradoxes of the evening wasn't lost on me 😬


Steve B

Big Black Beast^3 Lighten up everybody....NOW

USA 2005: How the West Was Driven

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