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R400 Radiator


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Call me thick if you will, but I am just trying to fit the radiator on to a nes R400 kit.

I have attached the rubber mounting bobbins to the body, and the fan to the back of the radiator (there is only one way either of these can go ?). However when mounting the radiator to the rubber mounting bobbins, the fan housing fouls the anti roll bar.

Is this normal ? do I have to space the rubber mounting bobbins forward off the body work ?

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The fan housing often still touches the anti roll bar even when fitted correctly. It's not a big deal as the roll bar doesn't move much, just twists a few degrees each way as the suspension moves, but not ideal. You can improve the clearance by fitting spacers (ususally 2 or 3 washers) between the rubber bobbins and the chassis brackets or between the bobbins and the rad or both.
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Thanks Guys,


Yes I jhave it all in the right way and the plastic fan legs under the alloy mounting points on the rad.

I think I have sussed it though. I had pushed the fan all the way onto the mounting legs, leaving a gap of about 6mm between thefan and the rad fins - if you push the fan further off the legs so that it fits flussh with the rad then it clears the roll bar. Just seems odd tha the fan does not push all the way home onto the legs - I guess they designed it to fit without the roll bar in the first place.


Many thansk to you both for your help.


PS Frankyknuckles - like the detailed pics of your build - having a closer look at that area now to see if I have the rest ok !!

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