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Fitting X/flow low oil pressure switch


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Purchased a T-piece and low oil pressure switch from Think Automotive. The 2 female tappings on the T-piece are both 1/8 NPTF. The original oil pressure sender seems to srew in OK but goes tight very quickly and despite attempts to seal is pi**ing out oil. I have the later oil pressure sender ( 1996 onwards ). The thread looks the same as that in the T-piece but is it ?? Also what is the best way to arrange the original pressure sender and new switch on the T-piece with the limitations of space around the block and steering column ? I just can't seem to make it nice *confused*
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The threads are on a taper, so you need to make sure that the threads are clean of oil and gunge, including the block one, then use some thread lock sealant, and let it go off before starting the engine.


As to getting it to fit into the block, I couldn't get one that would allow me enough clearence, so I got a remote kit, which runs a pipe from the block to a alloy junction block, which you mount somewhere, then screw both the sender and oil pressure switch into.


I bought mine from Rat Race I belive, not very cheap, but an easier solution *cool*

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