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O/T Turbo Diesel help

Simon M

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Anyone know a (cheap) garage competent with Turbo Diesels in the Maidenhead area.


Local Renault garage says

We'll replace the Turbo and glow plugs for £2000 and then start trying to figure out what the problem is - no thanks !

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Renault Laguna 1.9DTi


Total lack of power from low revs - need the turbo to kick in a 2000+ rpm to get anything to happen.


this follows a dodgy , not fully undiagnosed non- starting fault - ECU diagnostics claimed Crank sensor error , but replacing sensor made no difference - the fault kind of went away and then...

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New turbo my c*ck. 10 to 1 says this is electrical and some sensor has gone tom and dick, and the ECU is being given duff info. I dread to think how many ECUs have been replaced for a bit of corrosion on a sensor connection. As for replacing the glow plugs, since when did you say it wouldn't start in the cold? Tossers. I'd find a decent Krypton garage, above all else someone who knows his stuff, and he'll sort the fault. 9 out of 10 dealers are rubbish at this and just blindly read codes. If it doesn't pop up a code they have a guess. This is why I once had a Ford dealer tell me my Fiesta was suffering from carb icing. It was July.
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My Dad used to take his Renault 21 to

Boxer Motor Co (Renault specialists)

Unit D, Reform Rd

Maidenhead Berkshire


Tel: 01628 637566

He always had a good reasonably priced service from them and they even gave him a decent price for the car when he defected to BMWdom.


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