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Real test for part number experts!

Mark Gregory

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Why do I always think the worst? I just assumed I'd have to buy the whole rear light assembly. Perhaps I'm getting too cynical in my old age! I'll contact CC.


Yes, I could use crimp on terminals, it's just that the loom connector/terminals are OK & the terminals on the rear light assy are OK, just the plastic housing missing - bl00dy tyre wall!!

As for the drill sizes - don't go there!! Methinks we both have an engineering background - am I right??


Thanks, Mark


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Mark, glad to hear there is a sensible reason for wanting the original connector! *smile* As for an engineering background, I'm afraid it is still sadder. My dad is a retired craft teacher with an interest in model engineering so from an early age I have been exposed to these sorts of considerations and no stranger to engineering lookup tables for exactly this sort of detail. As a result I have an abnormal fascination in the diversity of threads available and an unceasing wonder that they continue to appear. France, of course, has had an outbreak of common sense in adopting (read inventing) the metric system in all its simplicity at an early stage, but still turns up the occasional 17/32 inch "Newcastle and Sunderland Modified Regular Fine" on old imported stuff.
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Thanks for that link, very usefull site, immediately added to favourites.



I followed a more conventional route, apprenticeship & eng degree with good old Morris Motors. I had the dubious honour of seeing the last Morris Minor go down the production line! Some of the track workers were in tears....

At risk of being classed boring, threads can be quite interesting, more to them than meets the eye (literally). As for Metric threads, they have their moments with different pitches for the same diameter.

Must dash got to get my car back together for Croix.



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