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Loton - confirmation of entry & final instructions

Andy. N

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Haven't seen anything yet but if its any consolation all 45 people that requested an entry got one, yes you read correctly there should be 45 sevens at Loton on the 10th *thumbup* *thumbup*


Instead of starting a new thread again we are organising a walk of the hill at 7.30am on the Saturday morning for those that have not been before or just need to refresh their memory. You must walk the hill at Loton before competing




Competition Secretary

*cool* 2004 Speed Championship - 9 events *cool*


Edited by - Bacon Butty on 1 Jul 2004 13:37:17

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Hi dalec


If you wish to change class please email Phil at entries@liverpoolmotorclub.com with a copy to me at ron@liverpoolmotorclub.com and we will move you to Class 8.



One of your friendly C of C's at Liverpool MC

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