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replacing rear de din tube /axle


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replacing the DD is really quite easy. You can take it all apart and put it back together!


Something like...


Unclip the rear AR bar from the DD.


unbolt calipers and remove brake pipe fixings (cable ties) and BP T piece from DD tube. Suspend out of the way. Don't try to undo the hydraulics.


Unbolt the ears and hubs and remove the drive shafts from the diff.


take off the rear A frame fixing to the DD and let the A frame dangle!


Undo the bottom shock bolts (maybe the top ones as well and remove the shock/springs.


Slide out the DD and put in the new one.


Reverse the above procedure.


That maybe about it!



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"Anyone know what the deDion tube weighs? The difference between the deDion setup and a live axle one is quite staggering..."


I can tell you what a diff weighs or a live axle or an ear but not the tube yet ☹️


The latest tube is MUCH heavier than the one it replaces. That in turn is a bit heavier than the first attempt. The latest is constructed of much thicker tube and should make failures a much less frequent occurance. The new tube also has extra strengthening for the lower damper mounts. These pull away on the intermediate tube (not if you use the centre damper mounting hole though). The new tube only has the lower points unless you get Arch to do a special.

The early tube usually failed at the strengthening buttress.


Those I have heard of go progressively and give warning signs ... thankfully.


If you mean a Dedion tube is lighter than a live axle, then yes it is, but the weight of the tube and the diff on a Dedion car is greater than a live axle. Live axle cars are the lightest all else being equal.


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But a diff is a diff wheter it's integrated into the live axle or bolted solidly to the chassis. So I guess the weight difference is the deDion tube and the fact that the live axle diff is more fragile/can cope with less power..?
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