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Map Pockets / Press Studs / Wheel Weight Tape

R400 NOT

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Please could somebody give me instructions for fitting map pockets as I am worried about drilling though something I shouldn’t *eek*


I also need to replace a press stud on the boot so do I need a specific gadget or is there another way of doing it *confused*


Lastly, I am trying to remove wheel weight tape/residue but nothing seems to shift it *mad* so is it there to stay?! 🙆🏻





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The wheel weight gunge comes off with WD40, using a plastic scraper. I am told you can also use Mr Sheen spray polish to the same effect. Get the weights put inside the wheel in future, and it doesn't matter then.





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I guess it depends on where you want to install the Map pocket. I installed mine between the seats so I could reach the contents with the harness on and this is easy as you can see any obstructions in the boot. If I was looking to mount in the footwell I think I would use a magnet to find the Chassis rails and mount the pocket away from these. I think I am right in saying that there is nothing else between the side body skin and the internal panels.


As for the press-stud I got a simple tool from either Oxted trimming or CC not sure now but it was inexpensive and saved messing around.


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Later 7s may have the aluminium, (correct spelling?) honeycomb side panel reinforcing, this could be a bit tricky to drill and rivet into, but the inner panel is steel, so will be able to take a rivet or two direct, I'd just figure out where I wanted the map pocket and drill carefully, regards Nigel.


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