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double reading tacho!!!

Mike C

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Having just completed a rebuild using Jenveys and MBE 967 ecu with wasted spark, my Tacho is reading double the value it should do. The car ran a wasted spark system prior to this and all was OK, so I've obviously (i think) wired the tacho up wrong at the back of the guage.


Can someone please shed any light on this or just confirm wiring colours/functions of the three connectors on the back of the tacho?


Many thanks

Mike C


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Mike if you have a Stack then you need to configure it, its obviously forgotten what engine it was running. You need to program it for an 8 cylinder (Wasted spark), as the ecu is reading two signals as oposed to one. *thumbup*


Support the 7 Society...... Ehhh?

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The amount of time you spend around Mikes I thought you'd know he doesn't have a STanck.


Mike - Are you taking the tacho signal from the ECU - Pin 34???


Ex Fat Arnie

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