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Today I drove to Tunbridge Wells down some lovely country lanes, didn't get stuck in any jams, so had a nice coffee outside Costa and looked at the young ladies going into "Ofice Angels" next door. I had a 1 hour meeting, then talked to an insurance bloke about trackday insurance and R400's. A blat back home along some different roads, stopping off to buy some apples, cider and peas-in-their-pods at a little farm shop near Hartfield.


And I get paid for this 😬


But I wasn't in a Seven ☹️ Wish I hadn't taken the stupid engine out now *mad* *wink*

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I blatted from Pulborough; through Billingshurst; over the 24 at the Buck Barn cross roads; on to Haywards Heath (stopped to buy a camera); in to Burgess Hill (stopped to top the tank back up); quick dash between junctions on the 23; Horsham; back to Billingshurst; back home through Pulborough.


And all the important twisty roads were free of traffic 😬 😬


A lady offered me her ticket in the car park at Haywards Heath, 'cos she liked the car *thumbup*


Was hooted and waved at as I charged (head down behind the Brooklands) briefly down the 23 😬


Want to go back out again, now *tongue*


Pear shaped


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