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4 Speed LIve Axle Speedo Cable Fitting...


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Much as it says on the tin really, I am a non-mechanic with reasonable mechanical skills (if that makes sense) my new speedo cable for my 89 live axle 4 speed 7 arrived this morning and I reckon I should be able to put it on.


So, how do I do this ? ?


And....am I dreaming and should just book the car in for a replacement ??

Thanks in (quivering) anticipation


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Just about doable from under the car with the engine and g/box in situ but bloody fiddly


The cable is held to the gearbox with a circlip so get yourself a decent pair of angled (side access) internal circlip pliers. You can just about reach it with the car as high as possible on axle stands and the front offside wheel removed for easier access.


Just ease the circlip out and the cable flange should pull straight out. Then unscrew the old cable from the back of the speedo head, replace with the new cable and re-fit to the gearbox with the circlip.


If the old internal cable is broken, make certain you have removed it from the cable drive on the side of the g/box before attempting to fit the new one though. *thumbup*





Zetec 209

Reassuringly Expensive



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Not too difficult on a 4 speed, speedo cable attatches to gearbox further forward than on the 5 speed so is quite accessible from under the car


Did it last year - tried for 30mins to get the circlip in without success then got circlip pliers and did it first attempt


good luck



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