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Wings Mirrors To Bolt To A Cage!


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I'm looking for a set of wing mirrors to bolt to a roadsport style roll cage, can anyone suggest what to go for? (SPA?) Also what size should I be looking for? The smaller the better? Or are the small F1 style mirrors to small to be useful? (Cant see anything in them?)


All suggestions welcome!

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I've got SPA Formula Race mirrors U-bolted to my cage - a little on the small size but okay - perhaps the larger GT ones might be better. Go for mirrors with a two hole fixing and wrap some Duck tape or the like around the cage to protect it/give some grip.
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With small mirrors, you absolutely must get them pointing so the view is directly backwards. This means the vanishing point is directly in the centre of the mirror, so objects behind don't sweep across the view. You can get a surprisingly clear view in this way. If the width of the mirror is less than (or close to) the spacing between your eyes then you can get some really weird effects, depending on eye dominance, with the image apparently jumping all over the place.
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I was going to get something along the lines you are thinking & it was probably going to cost about £60 all in, but then I found a universal wing mirror from halfords/other car shops that is easy to ubolt for £9 each.


not carbon fibre, but not to bad appearance wise and light & compact whilst giving good vision *cool*


good luck


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I tie wrapped my Spa ones to the cage. I used sheet rubber to cut out a pad to protect the cage paint and give it some grip.

Very pleased with the viewing perspective.

They are stable at all speeds / bumpy bits and do not mark the cage.


Hants (North) and Berkshire Area club site here

My racing info site






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