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Aldon Ignitor electronic ignition - apparent ignition failure

J A T Richardson

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As stated in the radiator post, first the GOOD news, I went to the Nurburgring over the weekend and it was FANTASTIC. 6 hrs drive from Calais along (mainly) scenic roads. Gorgeous place, quite apart from the 'Ring - and the 'Ring is GREAT. I dived down the hill into Breit Scheid, stood on the anchors... fill the rest in yourself, I could go on for hours - Karussel, Berkwerk, Schwalbenschwanz dadadi dadada. Amazing.


HOWEVER (Part 2): I got a bit of a misfire, which got steadily worse. Swapping plugs, leads, coils, rotor arms made no difference (I had a LOT of spares with me...). Eventually it failed altogether - just by Les Combes spectator area at Spa. I had breakdown insurance (GOOD THING), and the breakdown guy and I both diagnosed ignition failure.


Now, I only fitted the Aldon Ignitor a couple of weeks ago, when I had the car on a rolling Road. According to the RR people (who fitted it), there was a slight misfire even then, at 4000 and 5500 rpm. Seems to me it may have been faulty from the start, but I don't know how to test it. I tried a continuity test on my multimeter and got a poor (but not a complete non-continuity) reading, which didn't alter when the engine was turned, as I'd have expected it would have.


Are there any other tests I can do? Resistance, perhaps? Does anyone know what the right readings should be? All advice welcome. The car arrives back later this week, courtesy of Europ Rescue, so I'm preparing in advance.




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