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Where To Buy Mintex On-Line?


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I'm looking for a set of Mintex 1144 front bads for a standard 1.6K. Can anyone be so kind as to provide me with the details/part numbers of the pads I need, what I should pay? and if possible somewhere I can order the them on-line? Failing that a company name and telephone number would be great.



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If you are in the UK you can order them from Partco (formerly Quinton Hazell). The part number for my 1997 LA car is MGB533M1144 (1.6K DeDion may be different part). Approx cost is £35. IMHO they are good pads, fine for road use & no fade, good progressive bite for racing. Don't forget to put them through the heat cycle when you fit them, instructions included.


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