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R400 New Build - Aeroscreen mirror attachment


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I'd specifically askjed CC not to fit the mirrors to the interchangeable caarbon aeroscreen as I thought I'd fit the wing mirrors straight onto the SLR cage and wanted to avoid hav ing redundant holes in the aero.


Problem is I've now decided to fit an FIA roll bar to get through SVA then fit the SLR cage later. So now I don't know where to position either the wing mirrors or the centre mirror. Could anyone either make up a template for the mirrors or let me make a template form their aero? Anyone in the Fleet, Hampshirte area?




R400 Duratec 230bhp *cool*


Edited by - MikeE on 27 Jun 2004 18:08:34

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Not a template but if you send me a mail address i can send some photos that might help.

I actually fitted mine by trial and ( no ) error , basically stuck them in place ,adjusted to see what i could see, moved them again etc. Once i had settled on a position i straightened the arms a minute amount to make sure the mirrors were horizontal when adjusted correctly and before i drilled the holes..Had to do this because the arms only move a certain amount in thier sockets and all the angles didnt work in the position i wanted them for best rearward visibility.


ps make sure you drill a third hole in the middle so that you can acess the adjustment grub screw.

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Mike. I have the set up you seem to be looking for. Although I didnt fit them, my understanding is that the side mirrors are fixed to the cage utilising the brackets that hold motorcycle mirrors to handlebars and likewise my rearview center similarly hangs down from the center of the cage. they are very neat and tidy. to get a more eloquent description try contacting Fred in Edinborough (via blatchat) hes the genius that did mine - i bought his car! hope this is of use.
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