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Handbrake cable removal from Live axle

Violet Elizabeth

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Final hurdle in removing my Live Axle.


Can't see the obvious place to detach the handbrake cable. Am I right in assuming that I should be doing it at the (excuse the numptiness) "bit of metal that is attatched to the axle via a rotten bit of rubber" ? Cable goes through here with a nut each side.


Or is there a "proper" way ?



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The inner cable of the handbrake cable is attached to the nearside brake lever with a clevis and split pin, so if you take out the pin it will free the cable. The outer casing of the handbrake cable locates into the handbrake strap which is the bit of metal attached the axle which you seem to have located!


You can slacken (or tighten) the cable where the outer casing meets the strap.



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I have a 1979 live axle. I assume your handbrake attaches to the axle the same way mine does.

When I removed the axle I undid the two nuts & bolts that hold the 'rotten bit of rubber' to the bracket welded to the axle.

I then removed the nut that holds the connecting bar (that's the solid rod that runs across the axle to the brake on the other side of the axle).

I then slid the hand brake cable and the rubber thing etc. off the connecting rod.

Reverse the proceedure to put it back together.


Ken Sailor

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