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air in coolant head gasket?

Dave Barrow

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I had my thermostat go so drove 4 miles stopping 5 times to keep temp down always below 110 to get to caterham friendly garage they fitted thermostat and bled using pressure fed system to ensure all air was out. Ticks over fine up to temp refuses to overheat even with provocation. How ever when revved tiny bubble feed into the resevoir which both mechanics confidently suggested was head gasket on way out. Currently no experience of loss of power but not pushed it hard since never driven hard until oil is fully hot so don't understand why this has happened.


They said just drive as normal till it goes but won't that create possibly more damage rather than getting the Head gasket sorted now *confused* i.e if sort it now could I avoid a re skim of head or is this likely to be already needed?


please help ☹️

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i.e if sort it now could I avoid a re skim of head or is this likely to be already needed?


There was a thread a while back in which, I believe, Oily said something along the lines that HGs don't *just* go of their own accord - something (e.g. warping/whatever) must have taken place and needs to be resolved before a new HG is installed - otherwise, over time, the new one will fail too...


So if it *does* turn out to be a HG problem, it would be a false-economy not to have it all checked and skimmed if necessary.


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No idea as to cost but engine is supposed to be covered for 3 months from when I bought it and still valid coolant level from cold is bang on in the middle and after a run so far returns to the same point when returned to the same cold state but not really driven it that much as only recently found out. Will drive a bit more to discover any differences in level thanks Peter it's similar to what the mechanics told me.


Interesting the comment that there must have been something wrong over a period of time as I have only done about 1k miles since I took ownership.

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Does the coolant level rise in the expansion tank if you take the cap off when the engine is cold ?


If it does then you may have an HG failure - this has happened recently to myself and a couple of other blatchatters.


From what you've said i wonder if its just an air bubble left in after it was bled that has been pushed around the system



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