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K series injector flow rates

Dave McCulloch

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I dont know what the flowrate is, but they seem ok in the standard 140bhp seq setup. Now if the standard setup uses seq injection, does that mean that you could in theory use the same injectors in batch or group'ed mode to effectively get enough flow for more bhp?


If no one on here knows the answer, maybe Dave (as in Emerald) could help?

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In the end, the limit duty cycle for all modes of fuelling (batched, grouped, sequential) results in more or less the same fuelling. When the injectors fire in pairs, they fire twice in each cycle (once in each crank rotation).


Sequential setups may use higher flow injectors to try and inject at a particular phase of the cam opening to give better fuel mixture preparation and better emissions.

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While it might be the case that a sequential setup aims for short and well-timed injection events, there is nothing preventing the tuner from ramping a sequential setup up to 80-90% duty cycle and supporting the same sort of power. Very little of the timing aspects of injection are to do with power, but they do affect emissions. There is no material disadvantage compared to a grouped setup which necessarily injects "at the wrong time".


Yes you can measure an injector's output. Typically an injector is cooled by the flow of fuel, so not a problem. The stories of injectors seizing are rubbish. Generally the big problem with running injectors at high duty cycles is that you run out of ability to deliver more fuel. This can happen when other mapped corrections try and inject even more fuel (coolant temp correction for instance), resulting in lean conditions (bad).

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