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Knackered shocker?

paul jacobs

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Having finally got my car on the road, I find that when the front wheel drops into a pothole, it gets quite crashy, as if the damper isn't damping the rebound. Does this sound as if it could be the case? I did use dampers off my previous car, which seemed allright then, but maybe hanging around waiting to be used for 2 years has knackered the seals.


Paul J. - On the road at last. it's only been two and a half years!!

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Paul, It took me 4 years to build mine.

If the dampers are greasy on the outside it means that the oil is leaking so you will need to repace them both, or they adjustable ?

If they where stored horizontally it's possible that the oil needs to setlle but this should not take so long, but i am not a damper specialist.

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Hi Battered and Elie, It could be the bushes actually,. The cornering is fine and it doesn't feel soggy in any way. There isn't any oil on it either, which is why I couldn't understand why I was getting this thump going into small [and larger] potholes. Is there any test to tell if the bushes are sh*gged or is it a case of changing them anyway?
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