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Hi Dave,


Assuming you're running some flavour of Windows, go to Start > Run, type cmd and then press enter; you will be presented with a command prompt or dos box. Type:


ping www.blatchat.com


you should get a message that says:


pinging www.blatchat.com [81.27.96.nnn]


if the nnn = 148 then there is a problem with the dns entry that your computer is seeing. First thing to do is find the hosts file:


Windows 95/98/Me c:windowshosts


Windows NT/2000/XP Pro c:winntsystem32driversetchosts


Windows XP Home c:windowssystem32driversetchosts


Edit the file and look for anything that looks like it points to www.blatchat.com, if you find something, delete the whole line.


If you don't find anything then it sounds like the old dns entry has been cached, the options you have now are to ask you isp/IT people to refresh dns or add the following line to your hosts file: www.blatchat.com


save it, and try www.blatchat.com once more


If this doesn't work, I'm stumped, and hopefully someone else may have some ideas.

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