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BJ Clubman Trailer


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I'm thinking of placing an order for a BJ Clubman 950 with the 11ft bed for an R300. One of the options I want to get is the split low level tyre rack and jerry can storage box. I've spoken to BJ about this and they say the car will fit 'just'. Anyone got any experience of this trailer with these options ?



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not sure if this helps but...


I have part share in a minno (which I think is the same dimensions as the 950 clubman) with the clubman low level tyre rack, and the car just fits, the edge of the back of the car is almost level with the end of the trailer. I cannot see why this would be any different witht he jerry can storage


we could move the car about 3 inches further forward by drilling some new holes for the wheel chocks, but it seems very stable without....


car and trailer will be at curborough on sat...


Rob *smile*

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I bought a clubman from BJ two months ago and thought the tyre rack and tool box option would be a tight squeeze, I was assured it would just fit (but haven't bought these options yet.


I was also told that the Clubman was lighter than the minno which they consider to be over engineered for a 500kg 7. The other explanation I was given was that it was 'extremely' competitively priced because they wanted to undercut the oposition (in order to put them out of business). If you take that as read then buy one now before the prices go up!

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