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x-flow - Carbs/Inlet manifold removal


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Need to remove this mass of metal to get at the oil pump/filter etc as I'm going over the a dry sump system (with a bit of luck and lots of swearing no doubt).


Is it o.k. to removal manifold complete with all carbs etc etc ? No potential for doing anyting any damage ?


or should I take this opportunity to split the carbs off and give them a clean up.? In doing so would I mess up the balance and effectively need a complete re-tune?


Seriously amateurish questions,

but they're coming from a serious amateur

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Dave - I have removed carbs in both ways e.g taken them off with the manifold and I have also removed them individually followed by removal of the manifold from the head. I think the former involves less work and maintains whatever balance settings you have got.Another advantage is that the anti vibration cups and rubber washers are much easier to fix and adjust to the correct compression if you do this when the manifold is off the car (the bottom ones can be difficult to get at when the manifold/Carbs are on the car) hope this is of help - Regards Pete.
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I have tried both taking just the carbs off, and by taking them off complete with the inlet manifold. The only trouble with taking the carbs off with the manifold is that you have to clean up the faces on the head and the manifold itself, before refitting with a new gasket. There is also the question of getting water leaks from the inlet manifold water jacket. Also the whole lump together is quite heavy and unwieldy if you intend to put the lot back on the engine in one piece. Although taking the carbs off on their own is a bit of a pain, because of the poor access to the lower carb to manifold nuts, I prefer this method, and if you are carefull, particularly when splitting the carbs from each other via the balancing linkage, the carbs can be removed/replaced without actually altering any of the (screw) settings.

A tip to aid removal of the carbs is to unscrew the throttle cable bracket from under one of the carbs, which lets you swing it back out of the way a bit, and gives you a bit of movement to work with. i also take off the distributor cap and leads as this gives better access to the lower carb nuts. Usually you can only get a very small amount of pull from the spanner. so it takes a bit of time. When refitting the throttle linkage to the underside of the carbs make sure you apply some threadlock to the screws as they can work loose and fall staight out.

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You can remove the carbs and manifold together, IMO it's not worth it. With the weight of the carbs pulling on the inlet you may have problems getting the gasket to seal when you come to re-assemble it all. Re-balancing carbs really doesn't take very long and you shouldn't touch anything else.


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I've also done both and I prefer to take the whole lot off as a unit.


As Pete said, it's so much easier to make a good job of the anti vibe mounts off the car.


If you decide to go this route, remember to drain the cooling system first or you may get water in the cylinders from the heater feed in the centre of the manifold.




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