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Got A Momo But Want The Remove Thingy


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Still being pretty wet being the ears of the 7 stuff, please be patient.


My 1999, R'sport came with a Momo fitted. Now of course I want to go for the removable boss / flange / thingy.


I guess this one has been done to death by some of the die hards out there, but is there a step by step guide on a website or is it so simple that someone would be prepared to send me a short email on the subject. ie. 1. undo the wosit.......etc.


Any help much appreciated.




Free The Caterham Seven

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You need a new top column and the quick release mechanism, undo the u-bolt faster engine side of the bulk head and gently remove the old column. When replacing the new column be careful of the bushes it passes through and apply a little grease (can't remember what sort). If your lucky the sterring wheel will line up if not adjust at the UJ as it goes into the rack and/or track rod arms.




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If you wish to retain the steering lock, grind of the weld holding the lock "sleeve" to the column, and weld / pin it to the new column. You may find removal of the old column needs a little brute force to overcome the upper bush in the chassis tube, but other than that it's a fairly straight forward logical job. Worth fitting the quick release column with the "wide spline" to the top - makes life easier everytime you want to refit the wheel.



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