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Short chassis footwell extension


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I'm six feet tall and always got cramps at the top of my ankle because my foot was bent back when I drove my Seven.


I remember some letters in early copies of Low Flying from owners of early, short chassis classics who had asked if and how they could get more legroom but don't remember seeing any answers.


I've completed the rebuild of my 1979 X-Flow and in the process have extended the footwell by about 2 ¾".


While the engine was out I cut out part of the foot well, although I don't see why it couldn't be done with the engine in as well. With the engine back in place, a cardboard mock up was made to create a pattern for a new footwell. The aluminium pieces of the new footwell were pop riveted together and sealed with aluminium colored silicone sealant. It was slid into position from inside the car, sealed with a flexible rope type caulking and held in place with riv-nuts. The clearance between it and the starter motor housing is about ¼" so it will all need to be removed whenever the engine has to come out.


The support for the clutch, brake and gas peddle were also moved by a similar amount. It was held together with nuts and bolts so it could be taken apart in order to get at the riv-nuts holding the footwell extension in place. It was made of aluminium flats and angles that are available at my local DIY store. The photos show how this was done.


All metal bending was done by clamping the piece being bent between two angle irons in a vice and then hitting a piece of wood against it with a hammer. Crude, but it works.


It took a lot of fiddling to get this right. I actually went through three cardboard mock-ups to get the footwell right and lots of trial assemblies held together with clamps to position the peddles properly. At least I can now drive with my legs fully extended.


I don't know how to create a direct link to the photos I have of what I've done (there on the AOL you've got pictures thingy) but I've checked the box asking to be notified if anyone responds to this post and if some one asks I'll e-mail them a link.


Hope this helps somebody!


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Mail me the link and if possible I will post it here.


Extending the pedal box interests me as I also have a 79 Seven and would love an extra inch of footwell.






Less is more!


Remember - an Amateur built the Ark - It took Professionals to build the Titanic!


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