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Power Boost Valve


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This posting is related to "problems with 52mm TB on VVC"


Thank's to Andy, i've been talking to Terry at FSE who explained to me that my hesitation could be cured by an power boost valve.

@ £115 they are not cheap and would like to know if they will make some improvements. Or like Oily said regarding my TB they won't make any difference.


Thank for your help



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The hesitation is a momentary shortfall in fuelling. For some reason you have a fuelling problem that is unfamiliar to Oily (who has lots of experience of these things) but it does suggest that you need a cure of some sort.


Best bet is to look for someone who has the closest approximation to your setup and see what they have done to avoid this. ie. borrow someones FSE valve before shelling out on one ...


Personally, I am unaware of the MEMS posessing any capability to determine correct fuelling if you change the throttle body or injectors (unless you change both and the changes cancel out). On this basis I might chance an FSE valve, but I would note that FSE are selling it to me without any guarantee either explicit or implied that it is fit for the intended purpose.

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