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Polishing Aluminium

Colin Grundy

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Having bought some Belgom at Stonleigh at the weekend I got stuck into polishing my ally bonnet.

2 stone of elbow grease later it looks a right dogs breakfast. Its full of swirl marks and generally looks f*******g awful.

SO...... what is the best method of getting a nice even shine, buffing machine perhaps? or just get the poxy thing sprayed and forget about it.

*mad* *mad* *mad* *mad*

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I have never tried Belgom so cannot comment on its performance but I do use Mothers Mag & Alloy polish and it gives a mirror like finish when used on the caterhams alloy panels. I normally use three cloths, one to apply it,one to polish off the residue,and the final cloth to get the metal to its mirror finish. Mothers Mag & Alloy is available from James Whiting - it is expensive £10 odd for a small tub,but I havent found anything better - yet.
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Autosol thinned with white spirit is what an ali friend uses. Using a back and forth motion not round and round...

I do this on the under bonnet bits. I'm not a great fan of over polished ali though.


I have a mildly abrasive polish with wax finisher in it. It's ok for water marks but not much else...

Others will say Mothers polish... never tried it.



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Think it must have been your method rather than the polish - mine came up great last month , using belgom .

I can only think that the swirl marks were from dirt on the polishing rag ?


Dave J


Edited by - Dave Jackson on 8 May 2003 14:54:57

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I use to apply and remove the product with cotton balls.

Not applying in circles but applying vertically and remove horizontally, gently, not pushing too hard ! You'll always see very light swirl marks (especially if the sun is reflecting in the car directly). Otherwise, buy a Robin Hood *tongue*


Se7enly, Ted_7

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Go over it with a coat of extra gloss autoglym - seems to pick up all the residue of autosol, gives a nice clear finish and I suspect seals it so your polishing work last a bit longer.
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