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Oil from swirl tower

Paul Dickens

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I have a problem of oil spraying from the top of the swirl tower.

It seems to be coming from the main cap of the tower and the swivel bit on top of that, that the dip stick screws into.

Has anyone else had this problem?

The rubber rings seem to be in good condition, but it does swivel very freely and I wouldn't think it air tight.

Any ideas


The Original MANGO *cool*

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I think I have just solved this on mine. The O ring on the swivel part was too small a cross section, so I got a slightly larger one and it is OK now. When I tighten the cap the swivel section is now tight and no oil is leaking out. I did this after getting a replacement O ring set from Caterham.



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have now spoken to caterham, seems they have re-designed the "cap" for the swirl tower because it used to vibrate loose
Yes they have, but having had both I'd stick to the original design by choice!



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