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fuel pumps

robert green

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My crossflow car is often left for a week/10 days between usage, and needs to be cranked for a while to pump fuel round before it will fire up. This is hard on the battery and so I am keen to fit an electric pump. The question is how do you suggest it be fitted bearing in mind I am keen to retain the mechanical pump as a reliability insurance. I am keen to see if it can be wired only to operate when the ignition light is on - should it be in parallel or series with the mech pump? What have others done? Thanks in advance!
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I fitted an electric pump onto the bulkhead behind the brake master cylinder and wired the pump into a spare terminal under the black plastic cover behind the ignition switch. i also wired in a fused link and a fairly well hidden on/off

pump switch as an added security feature. i fitted the electrical pump because the power of my rebuilt engine demanded a greater fuel flow. than the mech pump could supply at higher revs (you must pick a pump that delivers the correct litreage for your power. it mIght also be necessary to use a fuel regulator to stop the carbs from being oversupplied with fuel and flooding) if you keep the mechanical pump as well, it will take a bit of power from the engine, which you could probably live with. you could contrive to cut the new fuel hoses with enough spare length to fit both the electric pump or be routed down to the mechanical pump if the need arose. I would not recommend the Facet gold/silver top pumps as mine lasted less than 8.000 miles, and having it pack up and cause a holdup on a major route/ bank holiday Monday, did not endear me to a fairly large number of day trippers!. Webcon pumps are supposedly very reliable and quiet, Thats what I'm getting next. good luck

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