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anyone had problems with 7" KN Minators

Mat R

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Recently fitted 7*13 KNs to my K series with 205/60 32rs. I have the higher type (over the diff) rear arb and the tyres are completely solid against the arb droplinks.


Got them from G Polley who assured me they are the same as those supplied to Caterham. KN also assured me they are the correct (ie Caterham spec) ones (with 24 offset stamped inside the wheel) and have heard of no problems ? My car is otherwise standard so something doesn't make sense


In the meantime I temporarily switched the droplinks to the inside of the arb instead of the outside, & stopped the slight lateral play in the arb by fitting washers. However despite an apparent gap to the boot of >1inch to the droplink, under extreme pressure (ie at the N'ring) they have put to droplink shaped dents in the corners of the bootfloor...hence I need a more permanent solution


Though about spacers but they would have to be > 1inch which seems excessive


Any ideas ? Someone must have had the same problem sometime ?



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This problem was discussed recently at some length - do a search.


I've just fitted the same but with 215s - they didn't foul the ARB, but did lock up on the de-dion tube - took a little grinding at the rear of the ears (on the tube that is 😬) but now all's fine.

I think the offset is not entirely satisfactory for the 7 setup - I'm considering wheel spacers also to move things out a little - somewhere between 12 - 24mm 🤔 In the end it may come down to the available spacer / stud combination. I'm not a fan of spacers but I'm not sure there's an alternative choice.



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