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Had to tell you


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I have just been sh*tting kittens trying to install Windows 98 on a mates new computer. Nothing would work, the old operating system (win 95) dissapeared completely. non of my start-up disks would work, non of the drives were recognised, nowt happened, not a sausage. I was touching cloth for a several minutes when a start-up disk kicked it into gear and so far (touch wood !) it seems to be installing. Sorry nothing to do with Cat 7's and not particularly interesting but I just had to tell someone
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Sh*tting kittens LOL 😬

did it work in the end 🤔

I once heard someone say "if you play the windows 98 disc backwards if plays satanic verses, but that's nothing. If you play it forwards it install windows 98"



Seek forgiveness, not permission.

Is it easy to rob a bank and get away with it???

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It did finally work, at about 1:15 am the 98 screen popped up followed by that awful music, all Gods creatures emerged, man and beast shook hands, world peace was established, I went to bed and everything was good with the world !
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