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Diet K front pulley

Luke Beaumont

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Well, a progress report of sorts since I'm now whizzing about in my Seven again, complete with Raceco alloy front pulley.


No strife so far - is deliciously finished; was easy to fit; has the alternator pumping out 14.25 volts on tickover; is noticably quicker to rev. Just needed a shorter alternator belt which for reference was a Gates 58337 (650mm). Since I also run a larger alternator pulley, y'all might need the next size down, Gates 58336 (638mm).


Picture of it installed here


Edited by - Luke Beaumont on 5 May 2003 14:44:15

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Pulley looks realy nice *thumbup*


On an slightly related subject, I have been looking at Fidanza Aluminum Flywheels for my Duratec project, check out this website and then tell me you dont NEED ONE


Look very cool eh




See My Zetec Power 7(soon to be sold :0( ) Here


Edited by - STEVE GILBERT on 3 May 2003 22:57:31

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