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Install Mintex 1155


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OK, I have my Mintex 1155 pads now, great service from Alan at Questmead, and I'm going to install them tomorrow. Based on the advice form this forum I have the wind back tool for the rear discs. I have new newest version of the uprated front calipers, my question is how do the pistons in the fronts get retracted? Do they wind back also? Is it necessary to bleed fluid during the wind back process?

I can't wait to try the 1155s, by the way Alan sent a break-in procedure with my pads for all of the Mintex line, he is a very knowledgable person on all things realted to brakes!

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Questmead are great to deal with ....


The front brakes are like "normal" brakes . They dont need any special methods .

Simply remove the caliper and old pads , take the top off the master cylinder , then using a section of wood , press the caliper pistons back , insert new pads and retaining clips , then place the caliper back on the hub - but dont tighten the nuts up yet - just hand tighten them so the calipers are a little loose loose .

Get some one to sit in the car & apply the brakes , this will ensure the calipers and pads are parallel with disc , then torque up the caliper nuts to the specified setting .


If the pads and caliper are not aligned then you may have a soft pedal untill the pads have worn to a appropriate taper *thumbdown*


Check the level of fluid in the resivour and replace cap .


There *should* be no need to bleed .

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