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MOTs and emissions


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I took my 1.8 Supersport for its first MOT yesterday and it passed even though the garage insisted on doing the the emissions test. 5 out of 7 test centers I spoke told me, cars built after 98 kit or not had to have an emissions test.


Whats good is I did not have to fit the catalytic exhaust, they let me bring the car in early to check the emissions so I could have swapped exhausts over if necessary but there was no need, even with the Caterham race exhaust it was fine. *cool*


Stoneliegh here we come.

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That's encouraging. Thanks. I took my DVA-special to get an MoT on Sunday fully knowing it wouldn't pass an emissions check. I had hoped we'd be able to go on a visible smoke check but sadly the guy wouldn't do it (being fair to him, he is right that mine needs a proper emissions check).


Anyway, it appears to have gotten close at one point, but not close enough. I haven't actually had it set up properly at Emerald since the latest round of upgrades so it's hardly surprising although it does leave a panic-butterfly in your stomache, particularly as I'm pretty close to the first tour of the year (LtL see tours web site, link at the bottom).


Anyway, Emerald are very confident that they'll be able to map it to pass MoT easily. I don't mind fitting the cat once a year for this purpose, but it'd be sure handy if it wasn't needed.


There are 4 measurements made by the gas analyser. I'm not sure it is possible to pass all of these without a cat, but what do I know....???]


Anyway, thanks for the encouraging news. Congrats on your pass.


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