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Garage clearour X Flow bits..


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A few bits left over from the winter upgrade


Standard Xflow starter motor, reconditioned 6months old £60

Standard rear discs light wear £15

Weber DCOE 40's on a ported supersprint manifold with K&N Filters £400ono

4 port "large" xflow dry sump pump £50

Standard rear pipes (from the t piece to the caliper) £10


And the big bit, 1720cc xflow engine, complete engine minus ancilliaries but including the clutch/flywheel. 244 cam, tuftried crank, big valve head with extensive work by Roger King. The block has a hairline fracture near one of the core plugs caused by broken engine mount. £550


I am prepared to split the engine for parts if people are interested.




Rob G


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Is your starter motor still up for grabs? is it the pre-engaged type or the inertia type. If the former

i'm definitely interested. but probably need to no a few more details, like does it include the solonoid, which I think is bolted to the motor on these. Please advise. also how much use has it had





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Will e-mail you a picture from the Caterham parts catalog. I hope you can read it (its in a

Word document). I'm making some educated assumpsions here, because i'm not exactly

sure what the pre-engaged version looks like, but here goes.


1. The motor has that noticeable lump on the side.

2. The gear wheel which meshes with the flywheel, apparently has its teeth at an angle.

the inertia type has straight cut teeth, which run down the length of the bit that turns.

3. Also the straight cut example has a big fat spring at the end. I do'nt think the pre-engaged one has this.


Hope this helps




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