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PowerFlex A-Frame Bushes


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Has anyone used the PowerFlex A-Frame bushes? Do they last any longer than the standard rubber bushes? Are they a straight replacement? (I seem to remember a comment about having to cut them to size) Are they worth the cost?


I seem to be forever changing those damn rubber bushes!



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You do have to cut the bushes down or at least the ones I got from Demon Tweeks I had to.


I have now upgraded to a rose jointed A frame for Caterham. No problems now.


From other postings I believe the standard bushes are OK unless you get any oil on them then they perish very quickly.





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I bought some "Live axle" A Frame bushes from DT about 2 years ago and they had to be ground down.


They were also only sold in pairs and were clealry being made as front suspension bushes.


I wasn't too happy to muck about grinding bushes that I had paid about 30 Quid for so I complained, called Powerflex and spoke to David Power who couldn't have been more helpful. I gave them the correct bush size and oerflex made the tooling and supplied the correctly sized bushes in about three days.


Give them a call they do have the correct bush and they do last a great deal longer than the standard unit

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I boufght the parts from caterham


ABWTB A frame spherical bush £26.08

75534 A Frame for speherical bust £48.03

75535 Cone A frame 2 off £4.00

will require circlips as well but do not have part number.. sorry


Basically rosejoint is held in placve by two cisrclips and then two cone bushes fill the gap between the bush and the U bracket on the diff. Fitting is straight forward.


Have done two trackdays no problems!!

I will be at Cadwell and Curborough, if you want a closer look!!





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