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Hoopys' World

YW Sin

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Aye'll hev yew know young man, that me and Mr Blatman and Aye, were here first. We hev very kaindly opened these doors to young waifs and strays in need of succour and shelter from sairten UT's and GOG's........



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Ooooh, an adjustable bossom, you don't see to many of those around these days, mind you when I were a lad you couldn't move for ancient aunties all wanting to give me a kiss but they were too scary to contemplate such an act. I still got my birthday/Christmas presents so it all worked out in the end.


Where is Blatman these days, perhaps he has donned such a bossom and is now playing the panto & end-of-the-pier circuit, oh no he isn't


The Bikeshed couldn't be renamed Hoopy's world purely because Hoopy is mostly in a world of his own and he'd get lonely in the Bikeshed on his own, well unless Emma was allowed to join him.


Ah that's better 😬

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