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heated screen and side stanctions


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any condition and colour considered


email ms81@cant.ac.uk if anyone has any: ideally

- black heated screen (used/lightly stone chipped is fine)

- polished stanctions, any condition as I'll get them powder coated.



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Hi masha


I have one the screen is Alli frame circa 1996/1998 ( not sure off hand) the rest is 1988. I think the screen is chip free, I will check if your interested. Its been sitting on the garage for 3 years after fitting the Brooklands. The uprights have a slight few marks on them from Tax disk holder and cut off switch.


I am in Beckenham Kent. Price Hum...... 🤔 make me an offer off line 30% of new price 🤔


'Can you hear me running' ......... OH YES and its music to my ears 😬 😬 😬

1988 200 bhp, 146 ft lbs, 1700cc Cosworth BD? on Weber's with Brooklands and Clamshell wings, Freestyle Motorsport suspension.


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