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Rear Pad Replacement - Again, Sorry ...

Matt Sullivan

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Ok, trying to replace my rear pads, and I'm well and truly stuck .....


I've got the caliper wind back tool, but I just can't seem to get the piston back far enough. I'm winding away, but I've still a good 5-6mm's to go before the new pads will fit.


Is there something I've missed? Trawling through the archives I can't find a definitve answer.


cheers, pissed off,


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I've got both pads fitted. Trying to replace the caliper over the top - and not even close.


Handbrake nice and slack ..... errrr..... no. How do I loosen that??, or is it just a case of trying to unhook the end of the cable from the spring? (Feels very tight actually)


Sorry for the dumb arse question...



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