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Wing mirrors wanted

Peter Cox

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Dear all,


I'm on the look out for wing mirrors. They need to be as long as possible from mounting point (i.e. the point that flushes with the bodywork) to mirror outside edge. Either they'll have an intrinsic single screw thread of 6mm or a hole that would allow a 6mm thread (even if with some adaptation).


I've tried www.thefastone.co.uk (i.e. MPS) and the only 6mm threads they do are twin screw fittings. If they were MOT compliant that would be nice ;-).


If I can't find these then I guess I'll have to cover the holes left by the windscreen in some other way and look for some stick on mirrors (:-o).


I'm doing this in case I want to sell the car in the future and the buyer wants the windscreen back on OR I find that aeroscreening really isn't for me (i.e. I don't really want to widen the 6mm holes in the bodywork).




Hmmm...maybe a quick call to Westfield to find out what they use and how extortionately priced such items are







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