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Wiring new fuel pump

Tight fart

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Fitting fuel inj to what was a carb car, so I need to wire the new fuel pump,

so I will need a relay. Is this a standard item or are they all different

also should I put in a inertia cut out? all polite advise welcome


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Inertia cut out is a must have for safety sake, relays come in various types but you'd only require a single pole, normally open type, not sure what current you would be drawing, but relays are available from 10 amps through to 30 amps, speak to the people at Vehicle Wiring Products for some helpful advice, 0115 9305454, or it was in 1998, when I got this catalogue. Regards Nigel.


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Yes to the inertia switch. 50-60psi fuel spraying all over the place would not be good.

A bit enough off to rupture fuel lines may daze the driver beyond flicking switches / batt cutouts.

I have a Rover inertia switch fitted to my TB conversion.

Not hit any curbs hard but in normal / track driving it's not come into play yet. Hope it won't!

I have it near me on so I can reset it should it pop and I need to get the car started again.



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Lots of ECU's have a fuel pump control output, this runs the fuel pump when you first put the ignition on, 3 secs or so, to prime the system then shut it down if the engines not running. If you have an accident and rupture a fuel line then the engine will stop and this feature will shut the fuel pump down, in this case I wouldn't think you would justify having the inertia switch as well.


What ECU are you running?

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On the MEMS ECU just for the avoidance of doubt, this does NOT shut down the fuel pump if the engine isn't running. ( I know you don't have the MEMS Richard.)


The MEMS will operate the fuel pump all the time the ignition is ON and the immobiliser is disarmed. The fuel pump has a pressure switch in it so it won't actually run with the engine off once it is primed, but would run if a fuel line were ruptured so be aware of this everyone.




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