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(new) MINI Cooper (nut)

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... and I said 😬:


Noger; You’ll have to bear in mind that the Cooper was one of the first cars I had a chance to drive. I may have passed my test, but I still did not own my own car and my driving experience was limited to a one litre Micra, a turbo diesel Fiesta and a Volvo. It’s understandable that with my maturity, even the Micra felt plenty fast and dynamic enough.


Pulls well from a standstill in third gear if you forget to put it in first might I add *wink*


I hated the seats though. My knees banged on the steering column and the sports models are like driving with a brick in your back. Alternatively, the standard seats have no support whatsoever. Hopefully things will have changed as the two cars I drove were both very early.


The steering seemed good, though like I said I didn't really know what good and what bad was.



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Noger - 😬


Thought as much - there goes my bid to get my wife to buy one for her lease car.


Any suggestions:-


Must be either small - quite nippy (i.e 1.4 Clio although bigger/ smaller engines accpeted) reliabl;e and able to fit a wheelchair in. Not too high on the old tax. Preferably 10 to 15k


Or larger (206 Station Wagon or above) and nippy etc.


Sorry but no Caterham and or Landrover (still sulking over this)

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As I am generously going to help pay (as she is generously going to give me her car) I have said that she should treat herself and get something that is quick - which means she can overtake in safety on our rural roads.... and honestly this has nothing to do with the fact that I may be driving it, honest.


So needs a bit of grunt as to space we are divided on this question. It must be able to at least get a wheelchair in and a disabled person with ease.


But we could go small - Fiesta/ Focus/ Clio etc


or go for an estate option so we have plenty of room for the dog. But this will mean increasing the private miles that we are allowed to do - costing more in tax.

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