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Friendly MOT center needed in the Slough area


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West End service station in Windsor (Dedworth Rd) is excellent for 7's. You sit in the car and press the pedals / buttons.

They do know the rules and apply them though, which is fair enough, Mark (the tester) commented on Roy probably taking the CAT off as soon as he left the MOT station! (he has a sense of humour too).



My racing pics, 7 DIY, race prep. Updated often here

Photo's of the year here

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Not exactly Sluff but quite near is Jim Whiting 26-30 Glenfield Road, Ashford, Middlesex (just off the start of the M3) Tel: 01784 241466. I haven't been there before so I don't know much about the place. The earliest they could fit me in was 19th May!
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