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School Holidays.... Unfair!


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On Friday, while I was having a dreadful day *mad* ☹️


Karen was playing all day in my pedal-kart, blatting round Whitby getting a tan.


Today when I had an even worse day queing on the M62 *mad* ☹️ *mad*


Karen was blatting round Scarbrough in my pedal-kart.


It's not bloody fair 🙆🏻






My Caterham Silver Jubilee No. 7 is here with Mavis, under 'Mark's Cars'.

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So, you've got all the linseed oil *mad*

I need some for me gardin chairs and tables and there's none in stock oop 'ere 🙆🏻

What kind of Hooch is Hoopy making from linseed oil 🤔


FH *cool*

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I've got a bottle of boiled linseed in my cupboard at home. I used it on my dining table (bare fresh wood) after the polish i was using (liquid beeswax stuff) kept leaching out at the site of moisture. it seems VERY good. Should I do another coat or go back to the polish now?


I got it it from Robert Dyas - the ironmongery chain of shops.


HOOPY 500 kg (and soon) 200 bhp R706KGU

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You've got it all wrong


You are only meant to make love either on a Snooker table# or on a large board room table, did you learn anything useful at school ???




# No the pool table down at the Dog & Duck will not do 😬

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*You are only meant to make love either on a Snooker table#


Now then, have I got a story about snooker tables *smile*


I went to Sheffield Poly, and they have an annual rag week event called the "Pyjama Jump". The Poly, Uni and Student Nurses all get dressed up in each other night attire, and attended a "disco" at one of the many nightclubs. Needless to say things got quite "messy". Anyway...


The main thing of note was that about 4 years prior to me being there, the New of The World had run a story about this "student orgy" as two people were caught "sh@gging" on the snooker table in the Top Rank nightclub. (Despite going 3 times I managed to miss the orgy bit *confused*)


5 years later, and my girlfriend was working in Leicester for the A&L. I was chatting to one of her collegues in the pub one evening, and it transpires that he TOO went to Sheffield Poly....and even more exciting was the fact that HE WAS THE PERSON "AT IT" ON THE POOL TABLE. His mate had some photo's of the "act" and the NOTW had offered £500 for a picture, but luckily the mate was a good mate so didn't accept.


So there we go. And he maintains to this day that they were just having a "scrawp" and not doing anything untoward.

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I think you have been behaving properly. Dining tables are for polishing *eek* 😬 and sometimes even sitting at to eat your dinner.


It is some of the other boys who seem to be trying to influence the younger children. ☹️




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