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Suspension/steering set up and things!


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Thanx in advance to all those who take time to answer the following questions.


1.Who can tell me what the correct camber/toe in-out settings should be on a 1989 DeDion SuperSprint to which I have just fitted new A539's on 15" Prisoner wheels?

Mainly/only road work.


2.Just done 600 running-in miles on my rebuilt xflow engine. How much further before I can give it some stick? (Just about to change the oil & filter).


3.The plugs on cylinders 1 & 2 have started sooting up and its running a bit lumpy at low revs. Clears as the revs climb but only taking it to 4-4,500 rpm at the moment. Rich exhaust fumes coming into the car now. Wife not happy! It was running okay carbs wise before it was stripped and I just put the complete carb assembly on the shelf and refitted it as it came off. Any ideas?


All answers gratefully received.



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1) I think the standard settings from Caterham are 20 mins toe-in, but I'm sue someone will be along any minute with a different answer *confused*


2) You should be OK once you've given it the Oil & Filter change. Just don't hold it at max revs for long periods.


3) It could be a timing problem, if you are getting unburnt fuel out, then you may need to advance the timing slightly at idle - if you are running on a distributer rather than 3d mapped - it will make very little difference once you use the loud pedal.


Dave H

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