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K-Series - how much oil in catch tank?

SLR No.77

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Following a good session on the Anglesea track on Friday, my catch tank had approx 700ml oil in it. Empty when started, and empty again after the 100 mile drive home (emptied it before driving home obviously!). Is this "large" quantity of oil normal? This strikes me as a little more than breathing?


I've previoulsy only done track days with a plenum fitted and hence no catch tank, so this is a new area for me! My only thought can be that oil is being held in the head / cam cover area during severe cornering, and it is then pouring down the pipe to the tank. If this is the case, is it wise to have an "uphill" section of pipe before dropping to the catch tank, to allow the oil to drain back, or is this a non-starter?


BTW - Mav, still running in at 5250 revs max, and yes I can keep up *thumbup*



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