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Speedo Calibration


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Anyone know how to calibrate the speedo? Or better still know what wheel / gearing etc its set up for in std form? I know it seems a picky question but I realised today after putting my 13" wheels on (usually 14"/ winter) that I'm going to get less miles (~5%) out of my limited mileage insurance policy on the basis of odometer readings. I'm not too keen on the prospect of disconnecting the speedo - i've never had an accident or claim but knowing my luck I will as soon as I disconnect!! *confused*


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I don't know the answer, but I wish I did. All I know is that if you have to get inside the standard Caterham unit, it is an absolute 🙆🏻 to do. There is an earlier thread on this point if you are interested.


Hopefully someone more useful will be along in a minute 😬




Trying to get out of the garage

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