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Does anyone know off hand the FRAM part no. for a 1700SS xflow oil filter? Local autoshop says a PH2964 will be OK so got that. Currently has a PH966B but couldn't get one of those today. Is there any difference and could I fit the PH2964 without risk of harm?


Any views?

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I've got a 1600 XFlow (so I don' know if it's the same for the Supersprint, possibly it is, can't see why not?)


Anyway, I use a Halfords HOF203 - the Champion equivalent is a C103. I just popped into Halfords and checked in their lists for the right filter. The owner's manual lists the oil filter as GFE148, if that helps.






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Thanks again guys. Always good to know that somewhere out there will be the answer. Fetched up with a Champion C103 as stated and the book says for Kent OHV 1600 Escort so should be OK. Frams must be popular as none in stock round here! *biggrin*
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